VIVO + Loreto Troncoso Martinez @Serralves, 19/09/15


Angelica and Emily will perform VIVO, their 4 hands musical piece for harp, massage and one receiver, at the Serralves Foundation in Porto, this saturday at 3pm. On this occasion Angelica and Emily will be joined once again by artist Loreto Troncoso Martinez, who will sprinkle live the composition with her sighs, whistles, laughters, percussions, poems and surprises. Thus, if Angelica at the harp would represent the Sky, Emily at the massage would represent the Earth, Loreto’s presence, echoing that of the dreaming receiver, would come to incarnate the other one of the three “treasures” according to Chinese metaphysics: Humanity and the living beings who populate the level in between. Come watch and feel, as the waves of well-being they emit gently hit your shores.